Firearms Training

  • Level I Training - Beginner

  • Level II Training - Intermediate

  • Level III Training - Advanced

Maryland HQL


The Maryland HQL class is required for anyone wanting to buy a handgun. This class lasts four hours with approximately two hours of classroom and two hours of range. 50 Rounds is recommended for this class.


This class meets and/or exceeds the Maryland HQL requirements.

Florida Out of State/Delaware Concealed Carry

The NRA Basic handgun class is an 8 hours class designed for the new or experienced shooter. The class teaches the basics of handguns, shooting, and how to shoot well. This class typically has about 4 hours of classroom time and 4 hours of range time. A minimum of 150 rounds is recommended. 


This class meets the requirements for Delaware and Florida Concealed Carry as well as Maryland HQL. 

Maryland Handgun Permits

Level II

This class is either an 8 or 16 hour class depending on what you require. If you are applying for a new handgun permit (never have applied before) then you must take the 16 hour class. If you are renewing your handgun permit then you can take the 8 hour class. This class requires a minimum of 200 rounds for the 8 hour class and 300 rounds for the 16 hour class. This class includes the basics of firearms, firearms laws and requirements for concealed carry, judgmental shooting, and much more. 

Tactical Pistol Class

Level II

This class trains students on tactical pistol use to include moving from cover and concealment, firing from cover and concealment, judgmental shooting, moving and shooting, stress under fire (stress inoculation), tactical movement, engaging multiple targets and firearms self defense laws. This is a great follow up to our level I classes. 300 Rounds required.

Tactical Rifle Class

Level II

This class trains students on tactical rifle use to include moving from cover and concealment, clearing buildings, hallways, and dynamic SWAT type team entries. 300 rounds required rifle, 50 rounds required pistol.

Active Shooter Prevention
& Business Security Consulting

Level III

This course prepares people and organizations for an active shooter incident. Typically this training is 3 days however, additional options can be added on for more advanced training such as structural re-design and modification. Part of this training includes straff training for businesses, tactical range training, as well as response to active shooter incidents. 

Armed Robbery/Home Invasion - 4 Day Course

Level III

Our home invasion/business armed robbery course is a fantastic way to defend your business and home. In these courses, spread out over the course of a month's time, our clients learn:


  • NRA Firearms Certification

  • Tactical Pistol

  • Tactical Rifle OR Staff Training for Business

  • Home Invasion/Armed Robbery Defense - This takes place at a persons home or place of business. After attending the first three courses, we come to your residence or place of business and stage home invasions/armed robberies and then evaluate your response to each situation from a legal and tactical perspective. 1st person and 3rd person video taping is included with this class.