What sets us apart from our competitors? - You get what you pay for...

"We plan for the worst so, our clients can do their best" SM



To provide cost effective, efficient, professional, and informative security consulting services to our clients. To instill in our clients trust and confidence in our services. To train and provide services within the law, to benefit society as a whole, to provide enhanced protection services through consulting, training, evaluation, and dedication. To promote the safe and effective use of firearms in dynamic situations. 



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. All of our instructors and consultants have either a tactical law enforcement background or a tactical military background. All of our instructors are SWAT trained and have years of law enforcement and security consulting experience. 

 We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love bringing our success to our clients.


Public policing experience is important in a firearms trainer because we know what works and what doesn't work in the field. Our practical method of teaching makes learning easy.



All of our trainers and consultants have either tactical law enforcement backgrounds or tactical military backgrounds or both. Some experience of our instructors: 


  • Swat certification

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • Running a protective detail

  • Protective detail certified

  • SWAT instructor

  • Sniper certified

  • Less than lethal munitions certified

  • Over 15-20 years each tactical security & law enforcement



Lets face it... not all firearms trainers are the same. SOME of our competitors are not professionals. SOME of our competitors ran out and somehow got an NRA certification and now think they are firearms instructors. SOME of our instructors do other things and this is their part time job. Take a good look at your "firearms instructor." Ask the following questions:


  • How much PUBLIC POLICING experience do you have?

  •  Do you have any tactical training (i.e. SWAT)?

  •  Do you carry insurance?

  •  Have you been through a POLICE ACADEMY?

  •  How many people have you trained?

  • Have you ever SUPERVISED law enforcement officers?

  • How long have you been training or have you ever trained LAW ENFORCEMENT officers?

Our Operational Outlook (Training and Service Philosophy)...


If you are taking one of our training classes, we want you to learn successfully in a stress free enviornment from professional instructors. No mater what your age, male or female, we are here to ensure you feel comfortable with our classes. Unlike some other instructors who may take an adversarial, commanding, or unprofessional roll in instruction, we approach training with a professional but, flexible outlook. Although, some of our operations in the consulting arena is geared toward planning and consulting, we bring the same professionalism and teamwork flexibility to work.


Gwen K. says: The classroom portion of this class was extremely informative, and is suited for anyone interested in learning more about handgun basics. The field portion of this class affords one the opportunity to put into practice everything learned in the classroom. (The Instructor) was fantastic (patient and objective)! He provided a hands-on learning opportunity with individual instruction which greatly improved my comfortablility and shooting accuracy. I will definitely be registering for another course in the near future.