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Security Assistant

Event Staffing

Staffing an event is sometimes a big undertaking, especially if the venue is a concert or other large scale event. Even smaller events require good security. 

Staffing security with "volunteers" for events is a very bad idea in that they are not insured to render security work. The entire venue including the organization staging the event is vulnerable to civil action should one of the volunteers commit an assault or worse. 

Hiring a good security company who has experience dealing with events is key to pulling off a safe and fun or productive atmosphere. 

Some key questions:

1. What type of event is occurring? 

2. How many security personnel do you think you need?

3. Are there enough facilities for the event?

4. What type of crowd is expected?

5. In what type of event is the venue occurring? Outdoor, indoor, stadium, etc.

6. Do local law enforcement need to be involved in planning?

7. Is the security company insured and licensed for event staffing?

8. Is there an emergency plan

9. Is there in ingress and egress plan?

10. What is the rain or cancellation policy?

Do you want your security guard to be in a marked vehicle?

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