• Armored Product Transport/Cash Transport

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Officers

  • Consulting

  • Cameras, Access Control, and Alarms

  • Investigations

Evan Avnet

Chief of Operations


To begin, I’d like to provide you with a little background on myself, I have over 15 years experience in law enforcement, both as city and county police, SWAT Qualified, K-9, Protective Detail Specialist and Running a Protective Detail, U.S. Dept. of State Diplomatic Security Service, and 20 years security consulting and operational experience. More information regarding my work history is available online at our website at here.

Something that people do not readily consider is the security of their product. No matter what the product or item is, if it has intrinsic value, it is vulnerable to thieves and armed robbers.  A crop of marijuana is no different.  

People of a criminal element are always looking for a target of opportunity that is less fortified and less defended than others. Criminals can either conduct theft (wire cutting) in a grow, armed robbery (non-coordinated), armed robbery (highly-coordinated), kidnapping of key personnel, or hijacking of a shipment. This is a serious concern for you, your staff, and your new business resulting in a loss of product, income, license, and, worse, a loss of life.


At USTASC, we have designed the agency to function in consulting, training, protecting and defending our clients’ interests. As a full time security consulting company we offer firearms training, both armed and unarmed security officers, a full time tactical response team, armed escort protection for valuables, executive protection officers, private detectives, and off-duty police officers. The majority of our members are prior police officers and/or military. Those on our Special Operations Group have undergone extensive, weekly training to keep their skills sharp.  We have years of experience providing escort protection for high value shipments such as diamonds, cash, and other valuables.

Customized Solutions


  • Consulting on blueprints and environmental security design 

  • Consulting on current buildings to enhance environmental design 

  • Camera installation (including high definition, facial recognition, 1Mpx to 10Mpx, 

  • Training of internal security personnel

  • Basic and comprehensive background checks of employees

  •  Access Control (key card, fingerprint, and even iris scanning) 

  • Alarm Installation and Monitoring 

  • Armed Robbery Prevention Training for Your Staff 

  •  Firearms Training (Maryland, Delaware, Florida 

  • Concealed Weapons Permits) 

  • Fencing and Perimeter Protection   

  • Escort Protection (to and from facility, protection of key personnel)

  • Transport Protection (armed, highly trained tactical staff) to follow, monitor, and escort shipments 

  •  Distributor Protection (armed, uniformed or plain clothes) 

  •  GPS Tracking of Shipments

  •  Security Director Staffing for Each Facility

  • Canine Explosives Detection 

  • Coordinated Dispatch Center

  • Detective Services – Integrity checks of staff to see if they would sell product “out the back door” without your knowledge 

  • Counter Surveillance – Monitoring of social media, gang information, chatter, facility protection. 

  • Personnel Personal Protection – Armored escort protection of key personnel

We Guarantee COMAR and DEA Security Compliance

* DEA Compliance as an upgrade

Why Do I Need Security?

Not only is it required by your licensing, it’s a good idea. Many other security companies are substandard. Let’s face it, many will provide you with an officer that has limited knowledge and training of how to protect your facility. Again, you get what you pay for. You need a professional security company that provides specially trained personnel, equipment, and planning that can both satisfy your licensing requirements and protect your product and personnel. A theft can impact your bottom line, while an armed robbery or hijacking can not only cripple your business, but have life threatening consequences.

Concerns Affecting Your Industry:

  • Internal & External Theft/Dishonesty

  • Fence Cutting

  • Burglary

  • Armed Robbery

  • Coordinated Armed Robbery

  • Hijacking of Load

  • Kidnapping of Key Personnel for Ransom

  • Protection of Staff

Colorodo Crime Case Study

What is Security?

Most people have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Principally, it is what people need to survive and be successful in life. This is a basic principle of survival. Notice that on the second tier from the bottom is safety. Safety is an internal need to feel free from harm in your environment. A lack of basic safety will lead to serious injury or death. If you were to see a safe mover lifting a safe above a sidewalk to the 10th floor of a building that appeared to have weak ropes, it may be a good idea to avoid walking under that safe. This is a basic principle of self-preservation.  You review the situation and conclude that it would be in your best interest to alter your action in order to avoid danger. In the same sense, when you own a business with a high value product, it is a good idea to avoid danger. However, in this situation, danger takes many forms and therefore it can be hard to formulate a plan on how to reduce your exposure to risk. Our services are indispensable in this area.

Most people and businesses view security as an unnecessary financial expense.
Hence, they lack basic security precautions in their home, business or on their person.  The more trouble it is to rob someone, the less likely it will occur - situational awareness is key.

            Good security should be thought more of an asset then a financial liability from an accounting perspective. Paying for security consulting, physical security, cameras, alarms, etc. reduces your exposure to theft, robbery, and hijacking. But, remember, you get what you pay for. 

Want More Info?

Armored Transport

We provide armored transport for BOTH cash and product. A staple requirement that many security agencies and cash transport companies do not provide because of the nature of the cannabis business. However, rest assured that your valuable assets are protected by USTASC. We utilize trained, advanced personnel that have either military or police experience of both. Our vehicles are fully armored, GPS tracked. Our vehicles are unmarked, "plain-jane" type vehicles, not readily identifiable. 





A large part of preventive or proactive crime control is knowing what people know about you. Our inclusive services use dedicated servers to locate information on people planning crimes against our clients. Moreover, our physical security staff can post at different locations to monitor those monitoring you. This may seem like a bit much, but this is standard practice for all federal agencies. Each federal building has counter surveillance personnel assigned to it, looking for problems before they become problems. 

Interested in alarms, cameras and access control for your grow, processing plant, or dispensary? We do it all...

A One Stop Shop

The great thing about USTASC is that we are a one stop shop. We provide all security related services from interior and exterior protection, physical protection, escort protection for cash, personnel and shipments, and even background checks and training for your employees. Why deal with 6 different security contractors when you can deal with one that you can trust? We are in the business of keeping our client's confidence. With a background in law enforcement, our clients can rest assured that they are dealing with professionals. Moreover, being a member of LEAP we believe in your cause.


Our physical protection professionals must have a background in military, law enforcement, or corrections applications with an emphasis on operational experience. All of our operations employees are vetted, undergo psychological and operational testing with minimum standards of competancy. 

Our Key Administrative Staff

Evan Avnet


Evan has over 15 years experience in law enforcement, both as city and county police, SWAT Qualified, K-9, Protective Detail Specialist and Running a Protective Detail, U.S. Dept. of State Diplomatic Security Service, and 20 years security consulting and operational experience. More information regarding my work history is available online at our website at here.

Chief Hal Saylor

Cannabis TQM Client Relations Director & Law Enforcement Liaison

Prior to joining USTASC, Hal served the community for 34 years in law enforcement. 31 Years in law enforcement as the Police Chief of the Delmar Police Department.

Hal was the longest Chief in both Maryland and Delaware history. Hal's background is law enforcement, personnel management, policy development and community relations.