The USTASC service chip award program is designed to encourage employees to perform their jobs with professionalism and dedicated effort. Each chip carries specific rewards. The more chips earned, the higher the award level upon redemption. You may save chips for trade in at a later date or use chips immediately. You can cash in chips for multiple items.


Chips are earned for performing an exemplary job, being on time, going over and above what is required, getting good reviews from supervisors and clients, getting positive performance evaluations, and performing outstanding service and/or award for valor, service, and merit. Simply “doing your job” does not necessarily earn points or chips. You must perform your job in an exceptional and professional manner. A detailed description on how to earn points for chips and chip values are below.

Every employee is responsible for reporting their point value to administration weekly. Redemption of points for chips are also shown on this system. This point value must be performed online at


For Supervisors

  • Number of supervisory checks – 1 point each

  • Number of positive interaction with administration – 1 point each

For Transport Officers

  • Number of miles driven – 1 point for every 100 miles

  • Number of transports conducted – 1 point each

For Cannabis Protection Officers

  • Number of days during accounting period – 1 point

  • Number of customers checked in – 1 point

  • Number of deliveries checked in – 1 point

  • Amount of time spent up front (percentage) – 1 point per percentage

General Point Earning

  • Number of Detailed Logs

1 Point Each

  • Number of Detailed Reports

1 Point Each

  • Number of Detailed Barcode Scans

1 Point Each

  • Proper Clocking In and Out

1 Point Each

  • Number of Detailed NEW Hazard Detection Reports

2 Point Each

  • Number of Above and Beyond Efforts (detail effort in comments)

Points Dependent on Review By Admin

Description - Above and Beyond Efforts

  • Number of Positive Uniform Inspections By Supervisors

3 Points Each

  • Lack of Negative Counseling During Accounting Period

5 Points Each

  • Dedicated Shift Coverages when Requested by Administration/Supervision

40 Points Each

  • Verifiable Criminal/Medical Interdiction/Detection (Police Called/EMS called/Suspects Arrested by Police due to detection, etc)

50 Points Each

  • Number of Administrative/Supervisory Positive Feedbacks

100 Points Each

  • Number of Positive Feedback from Clients/Citizens (must be in the form of an email or phone call from citizen/client)

100 Points Each - You cannot ask citizens or clients to call.

  • Employee Referral for Employment (Employed Over 60 Days)

1500 Points Each

  • Award for Valor/Dedication/Longevity/Merit

3000 Points Each

  • Award for Long Term Contract Referral

7500 Points Each

  • Is this point evaluation accurate to the best of your ability and knowledge?*

Completely Accurate - 5 points


  1. All chips must be returned to USTASC headquarters for redemption.

  2. Chips have no cash value.

  3. Award cash in and redemption amounts may be changed at anytime without prior notice.

  4. Chips must be presented and used while employed.

  5. All chips are void and must be returned if terminated from employment.

  6. Employees that are terminated and fail to return chips results in a $10 charge per chip not returned on final paycheck.

  7. Chips cannot be used if an employee has received a written reprimand within 30 days, during that time period.

  8. Chips are nontransferable between personnel and are not valid for non employees.

  9. All chips are tracked via serial number.

  10. Chips may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Chief of Operations.

  11. All chips remain the property of Tactical American Security Consulting, LLC (USTASC) with the exception of the first chip awarded, the silver chip and the gold chip.

  12. Any written reprimand received during an evaluation period may result in loss of points.


You may redeem a portion of, the entire sum, or obtain multiple prizes (splitting your chips between prizes) at any time. All chips expire after one year.

  • 1st Chip earned – Keep it, you’ve earned your first service award chip! You do not have to return this chip to USTASC. It is yours to keep signifying that you have earned a service award. This chip can also be used as a “challenge coin” with other USTASC staff members.  – 2000 points

  • 2nd Chip – Any USTASC item under $20.00 – 2500 points

  • 3rd Chip – Any USTASC item under $30.00 OR LED Flashlight – 3000 points

  • 4th Chip – Dinner for one gift certificate at local eating establishment OR movie at local cinema (your choice), not to exceed $40.00. – 4000 points

  • 5th Chip Dinner for two gift certificate at local eating establishment AND two movie tickets at local cinema (your choice), not to exceed $80.00 total in value. – 4500 points

  • 6th Chip -  1 night stay at hotel not to exceed $100.00 in value, booked by USTASC (our choice for a location you want) – 5000 points (SILVER CHIP)

  • 7th Chip – 2 night stay at hotel not to exceed $200.00 total in value, booked by USTASC (our choice for a location you want) – 6000 points

  • 8th Chip – 2 night stay at hotel not to exceed $200.00 total in value, booked by USTASC (our choice for a location you want) plus dinner for two not to exceed $100.00. – 7000 points

  • 9th Chip - $300 cash award added to paycheck (on a payroll of our choice) – 7500 points

  • 10th Chip – Choice of 12 gauge shotgun (our choice of make/model) OR .22 Cal rifle (our choice of make/model) – 8000 points

  • 10th Chip - $400 cash award added to paycheck – 9000 points

  • 11th Chip – Local vacation of our choosing for 2 nights, 3 days, includes paid time off – 10,000 points

  • 12th Chip – Glock handgun (our choice, must have MD HQL or pay for FFL transfer if out of state resident) – 15,000 points (GOLD CHIP)

  • 13th Chip - AR platform rifle in .223/5.56 our choice – 25,000 points

  • 14th Chip – Remote vacation of our choosing, 3 nights, 4 days, includes airfare and hotel. – 35,000 points