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Firearms Training

Many so-called firearms instructors have no law enforcement experience. Therefore, they have never conducted a firearms arrest or investigation. It only takes 32 hours of training to become an NRA firearms instructor. Do you want to trust your safety and liability to that? Trust your training to former local police officers at USTASC. We offer firearm training classes that will give you the practical advice you need.


We Don't Teach No Kung-Fu.

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Well that's easy...

  1. All of our instructors are prior LOCAL law enforcement officers, some of whom are certified by the Maryland Police and Corrections Commission as certified police instructors.

  2. We shoot about 250 rounds in our handgun permit class and 50 rounds for our HQL class. We do not put you in front of a simulator and then you shoot only 25 rounds for qualification.

  3. We have testified many times in court. If you are involved in a shooting, they will subpoena your firearms instructor. Better to have a firearms instructor that has testified in hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

  4. You will learn how to shoot under stressful conditions. Shooting at a stationary target and being stationary is fine if you plan on engaging with a criminal who takes the time to stand there while you aim properly but, this is not how a dynamic encounter occurs. Your stress level will increase which affects your decision making and shooting capabilities. You will learn how your body reacts under stress while shooting.  You will also learn the use of force continuum and de-escalation of force along with laws and civil liability. 


*Persons that consume cannabis or have been issued a medical cannabis card are prohibited from owning a firearm per federal law. Unfortunately, we must cancel reservations for those who hold a medical cannabis card. Maryland will not accept any handgun permit licensing application or HQL application for those who possess a medical cannabis card or use cannabis. 

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3 Easy Steps To Get Your Maryland Handgun Permit for Citizens

Book a class through USTASC
Get Your Fingerprints
Apply Online Through Maryland State Police Website
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