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What is it?

We now offer three dimensional MatterPort scans of homes, businesses, and corporate structures. A MatterPort scan is a three dimensional scan of the interior of a space that allows a fluid, 3D walkthrough of the space online. It also measures all surfaces within view with LiDar (Laser Radar) which measures each object with an accuracy rate of 99%. 

What can I use it for?

Real-estate Sales & Rentals

A MatterPort scan is an excellent way to showcase your business or residential property to potential renters, home buyers, or customers. It shows a virtual walkthrough of the space, capturing everything within a 360 degree view. It also produces a "doll house" version of the scan that can be rotated in any direction to showcase the floor print of the space. Lastly, it allows you to measure live different aspects of the room, furniture, cabinetry, and any other object within the space up to 99% accuracy. 

Civil and Criminal Cases

A MatterPort scan is an direct way of showing a space where an incident or investigation occurred. This is very effective when showing a judge or jury about a space, it's measurements, and allows a virtual walkthrough of the space itself that can be conducted by witnesses, experts, and others during testimony. 

Also produces schematic floorplans.

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