Evan Avnet - CEO

Chief of Operations



Evan Avnet has was a police officer for over 15 years. He has over 20 years security related experience. Mr. Avnet is the Chief of Operations and CEO of USTASC. His job is to ensure that day to day operations meet our client expectations, overall supervision and administration of company personnel and assets, promoting a healthy working environment for personnel, and working with clients. With two governor citations, SWAT certification, MPCTC certified police instructor, ess than lethal instructor certification, certification for running a protective detail and protective detail specialist, and as a certified event security planner Mr. Avnet's experience provides for our client's expectations. See his CV here.


"Chief" Hal Saylor - Administration

Cannabis Client Recruiting and Implementation  


Former Chief of Delmar Police Department. His career spans 35 years with 32 years of which as the Chief of the Delmar City Police. Hal was the longest serving chief of police in both Maryland and Delaware history.


His experience in policing and extensive knowledge of law enforcement brings an additional level of professionalism to USTASC services.


2010 - present

Tiffany Schooley



Tiffany Schooley began her career with USTASC in 2020 to assist with the growth and expansion of the company. Ms. Schooley manages the Cannabis Patrol Officers, Client Relations, Recruitment of new contracts, Human Resources, Accounting, and serves as Private Investigator. Ms. Schooley has over 10 years’ worth of business management experience, with just over four years in Executive Corporate Management, where she successfully oversaw multiple locations in multiple states for a multi-billion-dollar company.

Det. Capt. F. Devine - Administration S.O.G. Team

U.S. Marines 5 Years with two forward deployments two to Iraq and one to Afghanistan with Army Reserves - 7 Years. 5 Years corrections, 8 years combined security background. Firearms instructor.


2010 - present

Lt. Stewart "Mitch" Mitchell



Stewart Mitchell began his career with the Maryland Department of Corrections in May of 1988 at Eastern Correctional Institution. He was an Institutional Intelligence Officer for 9 years specializing in Contraband Recovery and STG investigations and identification; he was also a member of the DPSCS State Contraband Interdiction Team. He retired after 31 years and is has been with USTASC since 2019.


Sgt. K. Gammon

Sgt. Gammon is a Army Reserve Veteran, a former Correctional Officer for Wicomico County and a Sgt with USTASC. Sgt. Gammon is on the SOG team and a member of the Security Transport team. He has been employed with USTASC for 6 years.  Sgt. Gammon also is a licensed private detective and patrol operations supervisor. 

Sgt. M. Dashiell


Sgt. Dashiell has been with USTASC for 3 years and is a part of the Special Operations Group (SOG) as well as being a member of the security transport team. Sgt. Dashiell also is a licensed private detective and patrol operations supervisor. 

Evan Avnet, CEO




Professional info


Evan Avnet has was a police officer for over 15 years. He has over 20 years security related experience.


Evan started his security experience at 18 working for Pinkerton Security Services, after about a year, he went on to become a patrol officer for Montgomery College in Rockville Maryland where he obtained his IPMBA (International Police Mountain Biking Association) certification as a certified bike patrol officer.


After about 3 years he left to work for Omnisec International, a corporation that provided security personnel to government agencies. Evan worked at NIH Animal Center for a year. While employed at NIH, Evan started his security company “Proactive Special Security Services, Inc.”. Mr. Avnet operated his company with a business partner (a Montgomery county police officer at the time) for about 5 years. At the height of the business it was grossing a million dollars a year with over 50 employees and 12 security contracts, mostly residential patrol.


Evan also worked at the U.S. Department of State in the Diplomatic Security Service headquartered at the U.S. Department of State building. During this time he also worked as a protective detail specialist.


Evan still has contacts in the Montgomery County area. Evan then left, selling his business interest out to his business partner and was employed by the Ocean City Police Department as a seasonal Police Officer for the summer of 2003.


Upon the summer concluding Evan worked for his father who owed Avnet Systems Inc, a company that has been in business in excess of 30 years providing access control, alarm system installation, monitoring, nurse call systems, and CCTV installation. During this time Evan gained his expertise in complex technical installation of intrusion systems.


Evan was then offered employment at the Salisbury City Police Department and entered the police academy in December of 2003. Upon completion, Mr. Avnet was a certified police officer, patrolling the City of Salisbury for 3 years, gaining experience in criminal investigations and conducting criminal arrests including murders, sexual assaults, drug violations, robberies and other part one crimes.


Evan then gained employment in 2006 with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and was assigned to patrol division where he investigated many of the same types of crimes, closing major cases resulting in DOC time. 


Evan also caught a murderer during a foot chase and testified in Federal court for that case. Evan conducted other numerous investigations during his tenure resulting in drug and firearms convictions involving serious felons. In 2013 Evan left employment with the Wicomico County Sheriffs Office to pursue his business Tactical American Security Consulting, LLC based in Salisbury Maryland. Evan company provides security consulting as well as firearms training including advanced tactical training to police, military, security professionals and civilians. Currently, Evan is a certified less then lethal munitions instructor, certified NRA instructor, certified SWAT through Academi (formally Blackwater), previous Taser instructor, completed DUI college as well as other numerous certifications.

During Evan's law enforcement career he conducted over one thousand criminal arrests, most resulting in pleas or convictions. 


Evan hold a Bachlors Degree (2014) in Criminal Justice and is pursuing his masters degree in homeland security and anti-terrorism. Evan has experience in financial operations, personnel management, criminology, investigation, and business management. Evan is also certified as a DUI specialist, a protective detail specialist, running a protective detail, a certified MPCTC police instructor, and large venue event security planning and management. 


Evan has also received two Governor's citations.

Work experience



      Tactical American Security Consulting, LLC – C.E.O.

Training of civilians, law enforcement, and business owners in armed robbery prevention, home invasion prevention, tactical shooting. Performing security surveys, large outdoor venue surveys. Firearms training of civilians, military personnel, and police officers. Running day to day operations with 70 plus employees. Handling all aspects of administrative function, delegation of duty, and promotion of overall company health and well-being. 

   Deputy Sheriff (Part-Time) - 7 Months

Somerset County Sheriff's Office - Courts Division


      Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office; (7.5 years)

Patrol Operations; (6 years); Patrol operations including: Responding to emergency calls for service, investigation of crimes, application for warrants, service of warrants and criminal summons, arrest of suspects for felony, misdemeanor, drug offenses, and firearms violations, as well as DUI suspects. Application for search and seizure warrants. Acted as occasional duty supervisor when required. Highlights of patrol operations: Conducted buy-bust operation involving use of CI resulting in 6 arrests, capture of felony murder suspect after foot pursuit (convicted), testified in federal court regarding firearm and drug case resulting in federal correctional time, vehicle pursuit resulting in capture of shooting & home invasion suspects.


  • Assistant to Supervisor, Property Division (3 Months)

Acted as the property custodian when needed. Facilitated disposals. Worked with property custodian to track, dispose of, and input new property into storage. Generated and wrote new property forms. Addressed and tracked problems originating from and to Property and Evidence Division.

Other Duties - Authoring of agency website to include crime statistical data. Taser proposal, demonstration, wrote general training outline, policy, and procedure.


      Salisbury City Police Department; (3 years)

Assigned to patrol operations, response to emergency calls for service, arrest of lawbreakers, use of patrol vehicle, arrest for both criminal and traffic offenses. Highlights of service: Multiple handgun and drug-related arrests, investigation of crimes, application for warrants, service of warrants and criminal summons, arrest of suspects for felony, misdemeanor, drug offenses, and firearms violations, as well as DUI suspects. Application for search and seizure warrants.

Other Duties - Hiring oral interview board member, shift IT/MDT/Intranet trained specialist, authored and presented information for new recruits, community safety meetings, and citizen police academy.


      Ocean City Police Department, Seasonal Police Officer (6 Months/Summer Employment) Operated marked police vehicle, conducted criminal investigations and investigations in traffic offenses. Received recommendation for full-time employment from shift  Lieutenant.


      Proactive Special Security & Investigations, Chief of Patrol Operations (6 Years)

Supervised 70 employees including Montgomery County Off-Duty Police Officers, security officers, and private detectives. Field supervised multiple employees and police officers at different work locations throughout Montgomery County. Supervised multiple subordinate personnel (LT’s, Sgts., Corporals). Coordinated response of personnel to emergencies in progress. Wrote policies and procedure manual, training directives and tracked in service and other training objectives, instructed classroom training on search and seizure, use of force, bike patrol, and general patrol operations. Wrote and monitored scheduling and resolved schedule conflicts. Resolved employee conflicts. Interaction with management and police departments to resolve crime problems. Wrote performance observation reports, both negative and positive to promote a productive work environment. Gave awards for service and conducted hiring interviews. Wrote promotional testing. Developed community programs for crime prevention.


       INTER-CON CONTRACTOR -  U.S. Diplomatic Security Service (D.S.S.)

Worked at the U.S. Dept of State located in Washington D.C., armed protection of facility and personnel. Close escort protection of VIP's and dignitaries both home and abroad. 



  • MPCTC Certified Maryland Police Instructor 2020

  • JPX Instructor 2020

  • TACOPS East 2016 - Hostage Negotiations, Selection of SWAT members, Protective Service Details, K9 and SWAT Operations

  • Southern New Hampshire University –Attending Sept 2014 – Masters Anti-Terrorism/Home Land Security and Minor Certificate Program Cyber Security

  •  University of Minnesota – Bachelor’s Degree, Criminal Justice

  • WorWic Community College

  •  Associates of Applied Sciences, Criminal Justice Graduation Date; Dec 2010

  •  Directed Technology Certificate, June 2004

  •  Entry Level Law Enforcement Officer; June 2004

  •   Seasonal Police Academy Graduate, June 2003

  •              Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy - RADAR & LIDAR Certification- 2010, Child Sexual Abuse: Identification and Investigation - 2010, FEMA Mgt: 335 – Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals - April 2009, Proactive Interdiction: Stopping drug smugglers & gun traffickers on Maryland’s Roadways - 2009, Advanced Sexual Assault Response Team Training - Dec 2008

  •        Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office – Entrance Level Shotgun – Nov 2010

  •        NRA Certified Handgun Instructor


  •        Patrol Rifle Certified

  •        Warrior Training Group, Predator Mindset, Sept 2009

  •        Taser International - M26 Advanced Taser & Taser X26 Instructor – Jan 2007

  •        DUI “College” Graduate 2013

  •    S.O.R.D. International – Protective Services Detail Specialist Level I Course – Feb. 2007

  •   Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training-, Surveillance Operations – Sept. 2008, Introduction to Money Laundering – Sept. 2008, Risk Management and Violence in Undercover Operations – Sept. 2008, Interview and Interrogation – March 2005, Introduction to Clandestine Laboratory Investigations – June 2004, Introduction to Highway/Rural Drug Investigations – June 2004 Highway Vehicle Stops and The Drug Trafficker – June 2005, CD drugs in America – May 2004, CD Explosives, Booby Traps, Bomb Threat – May 2004 FEMA IS-02000, Aug, 2006, FEMA IS-00700, Oct. 2005, FEMA IS-00100.LE, Oct 2005

  •   Retail Security & Loss Prevention Association- Certificates of Training – Homeland Security – April 2003 , Safe and Proper Handcuffing Techniques – April 2001, Interrogation Retail Security and Loss Prevention Training May 2001, De-escalation of Force Techniques and Interviewing Techniques – Aug. 1999.


Awards and Recognitions


  • 12-15-2009 – Yearly Performance Appraisal – Overall Rating of “4 - Commendable” 05-26-2009 - Letter from Chief Webster, Commendation in Rendering Assistance for Providing Support Services to Officer Involved Shooting 07-19-2008 - Positive performance observation report – capture of murder suspect 06-04-2008 - Positive performance observation report – capture of vehicle theft suspect in yard 06-09-2008 - Deputy of the Quarter Nomination 04-28-2008 Positive performance observation report – CDS Buy/Bust Operation 07-02-2007 – Deputy of the Quarter Nomination 09-01-2007 - Positive performance observation report – Stabbing victim, attempting to render treatment 04-06-2006 - Exceptional Duty Award, Salisbury City Police Department 04-06-2006 - Certificate of Appreciation, Arrest of four armed robbery suspects, Salisbury City Police Department 04-06-2006 - Certificate of Appreciation, Arrest of burglary suspects, Salisbury City Police Department 04-06-2006 - Certificate of Application, shift recognition for arrest of Arson Suspect 02-13-2005 – Commendation from Chief Allan Webster, Salisbury City Police