What types of services do you offer?

We offer almost every type of security consulting service. We provide consulting to private citizens, businesses, corporations, and indoor/outdoor venues. We provide security surveys, armed robbery defesive training, home invasion training, CCTV consulting, police and security training, shrinkage control, and more. Anything security related, we consult for. 


How do I book a service?

Booking services is easy....

1. Book online by clicking here. 

2. The last part is to complete the online waiver agreements.


Where are you located?

We provide classroom services at Gander Mountain in Salisbury, MD. and we provide range services in Mardela, Maryland (Approx 10 min from Gander). Our corporate address is in Baltmore, Maryland although we can service clients nationwide. See our maps page for directions.


How do I get my Maryland HQL?

There are three basic steps. First, you must take an HQL course, which we offer. Second you must get fingerprinted at a Livescan fingerprinting station (we can advise you on locations.Third, you must submit your Maryland State Police HQL application online within 72 hours of being fingerprinted.


I need consulting services in another state, will you travel to me?

Yes. Travel fees, lodging, meals, etc will be included in your price.


Do you have any NRA Certified instructors?



Do you have MPTC Certified Instructors?



Do you have SWAT trained instructors?



 Do you have Delaware certified instructors?



Can you train me how to fire a pistol?

Absolutly. It's just one of our courses that we offer. Our most popular courses are our three and four day classes on armed robbery and home invasion prevention. These classes start out on Day 1 on general safety and security and then progress to Day 4 which is RAM threat response (active shooter). 


How can I get a firearms permit?

Firearms permits are usually granted by a state licensing agency. In Maryland the Maryland State Police grant permits. You may download a handgun application from our documents and downloads section. The permit or licensing division in each state have different requirements. Some states require a qualification course of fire, which we provide. We will also walk you through the application process during firearms training. However, we can not gurantee that the licensing agency in your state will grant you a permit.


Is there any difference between the Florida and Utah state carry permits?

Each state has different laws on carrying a weapon concealed. While some advertise that the permit is good in “32” states or “15” states, each state has different requirements. We strongly recommend you check this information in order to obtain and carry a firearm state to state to remain in compliance with each state’s laws. Currently, Maryland does not recognize a carry permit with any other state. We do now offer a Florida Concealed Carry Class. which is also  an NRA Certified Handgun Course.


Who can attend training?

We require all of our training clients to complete an online online waiver that reviews the client's psychological and criminal background. Primary applicants for training must be at least 18 years of age. However, in the event a family wishes to attend training we will allow children as young as 13 years old attend training depending on their skill level. 


Who can NOT attend training?

We background check all of our clients to ensure that we are not training criminals on how to shoot better! We will not train anyone with:

  • any felony conviction

  • domestic violence or an active protective order

  • a sexual assault conviction

  • a stalking or similar conviction

  • an impersonation of a police officer conviction

  • burglary conviction

  • an emergency petition history 

  • a mentally unstable person

  • intoxicated

  • drug sales convictions 

  • firearms wear/carry conviction


Can I bring my own firearm to training?

Yes. We recommend it so that you train with what you are familiar with and will carry or have at your home or place of business. We will assess if the firearm is safe prior to training. We may choose not to allow you to fire your own firearm if we do not feel it meets our safety guidelines.You must bring your firearm UNLOADED and locked within your vehicle trunk or lockable area. Leave the firearm in your vehicle until we are ready for you  to get it.


I don't have a firearm, will you provide one?



I am interested in buying a firearm, can you recommend one?

Yes. During your first day of training, we will take you firearms shopping if you like or you can purchuse this service seperate.


How do I apply for my Maryland HQL or Maryland Firearms Permit?

Click here


I have lost my HQL paperwork and another copy. How do I obtain another copy?

You can call us at 888-813-4424. There is a $25 fee for replacements. 


I need help applying for my HQL or Handgun Permit, can I come to your office for help?

Yes. If we prepare your application or permit for you there is a $50.00 charge.


How many people can I include in group training?

Group training is unlimited. We will assign the correct amount of instructors as required for your group.


Are there any additional fees?

Yes. If taking a class, you must pay for your training ammo ( you can obtain this anywhere, we do not sell ammunition) and you must pay for your range fee directly to the range , about $20 per person.


What should I bring to training?

If attending classroom training, you must bring a completed training application, a pen, and some note paper, as well as your unloaded firearm if required. For range training, we suggest you bring water , ear and eye protection( we will provide if you don't have), dress for weather, unloaded firearm, 150-250 rounds of ammunition (depending on course requirements), a holster, a spare magazine, and a BELT that fits in your pants belt loops! Bring a belt!


Do you provide security guard and private detective services?

Yes. Click here for security officer service or click here for private detective services.


What qualifies you as "experts"?

We feel that any time you start thinking of yourself as an expert , you loose the ability to learn effectively. We are however, very qualified to teach you these courses. 


How can I sign up?

Click here or call us at 888-813-4434!