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  • Armored Product Transport/Cash Transport

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Officers

  • Consulting

  • Cameras, Access Control, and Alarms

  • Investigations

Cannabis Security

USTASC Cannabis Industry Security

Cannabis security is an integral part of any  cannabis client's operation. Your security representative is usually the first person that your clients come into contact with. USTASC understands the importance of providing a warm and friendly atmosphere to your staff and clientele by offering a "soft look" rather than the standard police type uniform. We also train our personnel on how to interact with your clients and staff in a positive manner. 


  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers

  • 6 Years Experience in the Cannabis Industry

  • Provide Major Retail Dispensary Chain With Services

  • Licensed and Insured

  • MMCC (MCA) Compliant

  • Different Dress To Meet Client Demands

  • Experienced Personnel

  • Armed Transport Of Cash

  • Security Consulting Services

Cannabis Security
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