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Special Police Badge

MPCTC ID 50003



The USTASC Special Police Department is comprised of Maryland State Police Licensed Special Police Officers. USTASC Special Police have full arrest powers, just like any other police officer in Maryland, except their jurisdiction is limited to USTASC property. USTASC Special Police are tasked with the protection of USTASC property and personnel.

Can the USTASC Special Police arrest me?

Yes, if you are on USTASC property and they have probable cause to believe that you have committed a crime on their jurisdiction or if you commit a crime on their jurisdiction and flee off their jurisdiction. USTASC Special Police powers do not extend beyond the footprint of USTASC property unless a crime occurs on USTASC property and the Special Police Officer is required to pursue the suspect off of the property in order to conduct an arrest of the suspect.

Can USTASC Special Police give me a traffic ticket?

Technically, yes if you were to commit a moving violation on USTASC property AND the special police officer is certified by the state for traffic enforcement through a police academy. Typically, this would mean that the special police officer is a retired police officer. However, it is not practical for USTASC special police to give out traffic citations on its own property. 

Does USTASC Special Police have to undergo training?

Yes. USTASC Special Police Officers are mandated to undergo yearly in-service training as well as initial training as required by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. Most USTASC Special Police officers are prior police officers that have served in the public sector or prior correctional officers. 

Do USTASC Special Police Officers have any powers off of USTASC property?

No. Special Police powers are restricted currently to USTASC property. They cannot make an arrest or exercise any special police powers off of the property.

Are USTASC Special Police in uniform?

Yes. USTASC Special Police wear recognizable uniforms and badges per Maryland State Police Regulations.

Can a USTASC Special Police Officer issue me a trespass notice?

Yes. Unlike public police officers, USTASC Special Police Officers are also representatives of the property and therefore, have trespassing powers. Once issued a trespass warning, if a person was to return to the property, USTASC Special Police Officers could arrest that person.

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