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Maryland SB1

Maryland Senate

Maryland senate bill SB1 along with it's companion bill have passed the Maryland legislative. This will impact how people with Maryland handgun permits will be able to carry their firearms.

These regulations do not go into effect until October 1, 2023.

the Maryland passed SB1 with a 93 Vote Yay and a 42 vote Nay. There were several amendments that were introduced and not passed and one which was passed:

  1. There was an amendment to remove the word "alcohol" from the bill. The argument was that the law already prevents anyone with a carry permit to carry a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or a drug. This amendment did NOT pass.

What this means: All persons who have a carry permit are prohibited from entering ANY establishment with an alcohol license for onsite consumption. This includes any eating establishment.

  1. There was an amendment to allow for concealed carry onto private property without the need of the property owner to give permission of the person entering. This amendment did NOT pass.

What this means: A person with a carry permit cannot enter any dwelling location without asking permission of the property owner first. Anyone entering someone else's residence must first notify the person that they are carrying a firearm. So, if you are a realtor, this applies to you as well. You must get the permission of every homeowner that you are showing houses for to carry your firearm onto their property. What this also means that if someone rents a property from a property owner, the property owner must give permission to the renter to have a firearm on the property that they rent from the property owner.

  1. An amendment was introduced to allow security officers, armored car persons, correctional officers and railroad police officers to be exempted from this bill. This amendment PASSED.

What this means: Security guards, armored vehicle employees, railroad police, and correctional officers do not have to comply with the regulations of SB1 in relation to sensitive locations. Police do not have to comply with SB1. Interestingly, the bill does not specify whether or not a security officer must be on duty at the time or employed by the property that they are entering. This does not exempt states attorney's, judges, and attorney's from this bill.

  1. An amendment was introduced to direct the Maryland State Police to conduct a study what the statistics are in regards to handgun permit holders committing crimes. This amendment DID NOT pass.

What this means: There will not be a study directed by this bill to determine what crimes are committed by handgun permit holders.

  1. An amendment was introduced to allow persons who have been victims of domestic violence who currently have a protective order in place to be exempted from the sensitive location requirements. This amendment DID NOT pass.

What this means: Persons who are victims of domestic violence, who have a carry permit, and who have an active protective order are not exempt. Sensitive locations/Prohibited places:

  1. A live theater performance

  2. A musical concert or performance for witch members of the audience are required to pay or possess a ticked to be admitted

  3. A fair or carnival

  4. A race track

  5. A video lottery facility

  6. Within 100 yards of a place of public gathering, demonstration, or event which requires a permit from local, governing body is being held. If signs posted by a law enforcement agency conspicuously and reasonably inform members of the public that the wearing, carrying and transportation of a firearms are prohibited.

  7. Cannot trespass with a firearm on any property that prohibits carry of a firearm (by a posted notification or sign or by verbal trespass notification)

  8. Must ask permission from a person to enter upon the property before entering upon the dwelling property. This applies to private residences only.

  9. Any location that has an alcohol license (this includes all eating establishments that hold an alcohol license regardless if there is separate seating from the bar area.)

Persons exempt from this bill:

  1. Active Police Officers

  2. Security guards

  3. Railroad police officers

  4. Armored car personnel

  5. Corrections officers

It does allow for possession (transportation) during:

  1. an organized shooting activity for educational purposes

  2. a historical demonstration using a firearm or

  3. a hunting or target shooting

  4. a licensed security guard through the Maryland State Police

It still does not allow an exemption at the above prohibited places for:

  1. Licensed special police officers

  2. Private detectives

  3. Business owners

  4. Judges

  5. Attorneys

  6. Pharmacists

  7. Veterinarians

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