The new JPX Jet Protector fires a red hot pepper OC blast at a muzzle velocity of 402 Miles per hour! Does not require a permit to carry!


The JPX covers a distance of 5-23 feet, firing from a hand held gun equipped with top sights and a laser. The JPX is current carried by multiple police departments nationwide as an answer to a less lethal option. The JPX comes with one 4 shot cartridge. Additional cartridges sold separately. Holster and a training course can also be purchased separately.


  • No permit required!
  • Mechanical design, not electronic like the taser which is prone to fail
  • Four shot capacity
  • Muzzle - 402 miles per hour
  • Range 5-23 feet from target
  • Laser included

4 Shot JPX Jet Protector

  • The JPX can be exchanged or returned within 30 days if not used. Must be returned with origional cartridges intact. 

  • The JPX is a high velocity discharge defensive weapon and should NEVER be fired at the face in under a 5 foot distance. 1-5 feet should be fired first at the chest then once 5 foot distance is reached (muzzle to person) then a second discharge maybe fired. The JPX contains a pepper spray solution that is an inflammatory agent and severe irritant. The JPX must be kept out of the hands of children and those unqualified to operate the unit.