USTASC provides everything from security consulting services (large venues, hospitals, malls) to firearms training services. We offer Maryland HQL, NRA Handgun, Tactical Rifle, Tactical Pistol and our premium four day classes, Armed Robbery Prevention and Home Invasion Prevention. 



You can book services with us several ways. You can book online by clicking below under more info, you can visit one of our retailers, or you can call us at 888-813-4434!



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MSP PROCESSING ASSISTANCE: If you are processing for your HQL or your Maryland Wear and Carry and need assistance with the application process you can find online help here or refer to the packet that you were given in your HQL Class. If you are having an issue with the Maryland State Police Website, you must contact them directly at 410-653-4500. We cannot fix internal issues with their website for HQL processing. If you need further help with your application process you may call us at 888-813-4434. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide free assistance with processing as it consumes hours of our administrative staff's time. The following charges will apply: a lost or replacement of an HQL form will cost $25.00. A lost or replacement NRA Certificate will cost $30.00. Anyone needing assistance in office with HQL application will cost $50. Anyone needing assistance with the MSP pistol application will cost $50 OR $100 if you wish us to prepare it completely.


Shooting Range Forecast

On days of poor weather we will alert you at 9AM if the course is continuing for the day. Unless the weather is unsafe for you to arrive at training, more then likely, we will be training!


Remember to dress for the weather! Wear long pants with belt loops and a belt if taking a tactical course. Bring hydration system or water with you. In colder weather, remember to wear gloves that allow finger access to the firearm (no mittens or ski type gloves).